ICSC Professional Certification has been a global benchmark of high professional standards and expertise for more than 50 years.  

Over 2,000 retail real estate professionals maintain our certifications to demonstrate the knowledge, experience and credibility which set them apart from the rest.  

Note that beginning July 2018, ICSC will offer and confer only one designation.  

The Certified Retail Real Estate Professional (CRRP) credential is designed to assess a broad level of knowledge in professionals who seek to demonstrate that they are conversant in areas of retail real estate that extend beyond their immediate responsibilities and expertise.  CRRP professionals have a better understanding of the needs and challenges faced by their colleagues and clients.  This holistic approach to industry knowledge is the focus and value of the CRRP credential.  


CRRP Exam Specifications

For more information visit www.icsc.org/certification or email certification@icsc.org