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Revolutionizing How You Manage Food Safety Testing 

The Prometric Food Safety Portal is a secure, online, mobile tool that provides authorized users with on-demand access to their food safety programs. With convenient, 24/7, 365-day access, the Portal is your one-stop shop for test-related tasks and access to current and historical program data.

With the Portal’s filtering capability, you can monitor testing events, perform tasks and retrieve relevant data at the corporate, regional, store, proctor or employee level. With data at your fingertips, you can make better decisions and more timely adjustments to food safety programs.

Use the Portal to:

  • Perform food safety tasks anytime, anywhere from desktop or mobile
  • Efficiently register and schedule food safety assessments
  • Onboard proctors with more convenience and control
  • Self-serve order/track exams, materials and duplicate certificates
  • Securely pay online using multiple payment options
  • Manage paper-based, computer-based, and internet-based

It's a time-saver and knowledge-building tool for:

  • Corporate staff
  • Regional supervisors
  • Store managers
  • Proctors

The Food Safety Portal makes scheduling exams easy and convenient for test takers.

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Click here to register or login into your account on the Food Safety Portal.  Be sure to select the appropriate account type when registering the first time. We offer unique accounts for test takers, independent proctors and for authorized agents that represent specific brands.