What options do you have to protect the security and integrity of your testing program?

Cheating 2.0 – How to Fight Back Against Cheaters

Would you want someone who cheated on their nursing exam standing over your child in an operating room? How about someone who didn't really understand accounting working on your taxes? While technology offers new ways to help candidates cheat on standardized certification exams (cell phone cameras, PDAs, iPods, etc.), testing security has also grown stronger. Digital video recording systems, biometrics and dynamic exams all work together to stop cheating. Read on to learn about the basics of prevention, and how Security 3.0 is outpacing Cheating 2.0. Read more >>

Proven Protection that's Getting Even Stronger

Prometric already offers a service to its clients called "Data Forensics," which provides analysis of items and exams to detect and flag abnormalities in the test process. But with certification and licensure exams becoming an increasingly important measure of an individual's skills and abilities, it's important for Prometric to stay ahead of would-be cheaters. Read more >>

Your Security Questions Answered

Is Prometric planning to implement palm scanning or other similar technology in its test centers? What does the biometric system do? What does it check for? Why doesn't Prometric require biometric capabilities everywhere its client exams are delivered? What is Prometric doing to deter proxy testers? This article answers those questions, and others. Read more >>

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