What Options Are Available For Test Delivery?

Computerized Exams:
A More True-to-Life Experience

Combining all the advantages of paper and pencil-based testing (PBT) into an electronic format, computer-based testing (CBT) adds flexibility, convenience and security and while lowering costs. But perhaps the most dynamic aspect of CBT is its ability to more closely replicate "real life" experiences. For example, the Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology recently transitioned its certification exam from paper and pencil to a computerized environment, allowing it to lengthen the testing window, increase the number of testing locations and offer a more reality based experience – including showing images in the tests similar to those seen as part of physician's actual practice.Read more >>

Association Executives Compare the Merits of Computer-Based Testing Vs. Paper & Pencil

For association executives launching new member certification programs, one vital step is considering how the exam will be administered: via paper and pencil-based testing (PBT) or the more pervasive computer-based testing (CBT) method. This article examines the benefits and negatives of both, and offers best-practices tips for getting started - from administration to delivery to scoring and security issues. Read more >>

Computer-Based Testing Will Continue to Grow, for Several Good Reasons

Twenty years ago virtually all exams were administered via paper and pencil, with many large-scale tests only available one or two days a year. Computer-based testing (CBT) and specially equipped testing labs made more frequent test administrations practical, while preserving the integrity and security of the exam. Today, well over a million exams a month are delivered worldwide via computer. The adoption rate is expected to grow as test sponsors explore the use of innovative item types and advanced multimedia to create ever more engaging and effective assessments. As the technology evolves test-takers will continue to be the beneficiaries of these advancements. Read more >>

Online Testing: How to Make It Count

Online or computer-based testing (CBT) poses many of the same challenges as traditional paper-based testing (PBT), including those relating to security, psychometric editing and legal defensibility. However, new issues arise with CBT, including an increased risk of candidate cheating and item overexposure. To address these risks, organizations need to follow best practices for online test development and psychometric editing. Prometric has considerable experience in helping organizations mitigate these risks, including the following strategies… Read more >>

The Future of Distance Learning - in Practice

"Distance learning" is one of those phrases that is commonly known but loosely defined. Rather than try to create an apt definition, this article provides an actual example of what we at Prometric consider to be the epitome of effective distance learning. The organization: Western Governor's University. Non-profit and completely online, WGU was created to increase access to higher education and life-long learning. WGU's assessment volume has grown by 100 percent, and its Internet-based testing platform provides scalability for unlimited growth in the coming years. The technology platform is also capable of hosting pre-assessment exams for WGU students who wish to measure their level of knowledge in a specific area before sitting for an exam. Read more >>

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