Assessing the Future of Testing, by First Looking Back

Thanks to a combination of innovative technology and a holistic view of the knowledge, skills and abilities required to measure competency, the future of testing has arrived. It is reassuring to know that the fundamentals we've all come to rely on are truly universal and continue to stand the test of time. But what's next? Sometimes it's good to take a look back in order to gain perspective on the future.

The Role of Performance-Based Certification Testing for the Association Market

In a recent Associations News issue, Prometric explained how computer-based certification programs can drive test volume for associations. We also explored the benefits of computer-based testing (CBT) as a mechanism for delivering certification exams to both members and non-members. As a part of Prometric's yearlong examination of certification testing strategies, this article discusses content - in particular, the role of performance-based testing in the CBT model.

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