The Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (JCNDE) develops and administers the National Board Examinations (NBEs), a comprehensive set of dental and dental hygiene examinations that are used by dental boards across the U.S. to inform licensure decisions and help protect the public health. Through utilization of these valid, reliable and fair assessments of dental and dental hygiene knowledge, skills, and abilities, boards help to ensure that safe and effective patient care is provided only by qualified oral healthcare team members. The JCNDE partners with Prometric for comprehensive computer-based exam delivery services for the NBEs, leveraging the capabilities of the proprietary Prometric Assessment System.

In response to the need for a more ethical and effective means of assessing the clinical skills of dental licensure candidates, the JCNDE sought a new way to accurately assess dentists’ clinical skills, without the involvement of live patients. 

Learn how JCNDE and Prometric worked together to:

  • Successfully launch the administration of the new DLOSCE, which assesses clinical and judgement skills via lifelike, computerized models required for rigorous skills measurement.
  • Launch the new exam ahead of schedule, despite global complications arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, and properly capture candidate feedback via post-administration surveys.
  • Realize acceptance for clinical licensure purposes in six states, within the first six month of release.

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