Offering Greater Choice of Where, When and How to Test

With ProProctor, You Can Rely on a Solution That:

  • Utilizes a Best-in-Class Approach to Support Test Takers Throughout the Process

    ProProctor is managed by a team of seasoned, certified Proctors who oversee the delivery of seven million exams a year with the knowledge and experience of how to administer a wide variety of exams whether on-site or remotely. All of our remote Proctors also deliver exams in our physical test centers. At any point during the exam, a test taker can ask a question or initiate a conversation with the Prometric Proctor by using voice chats or posting queries in a chat box.

  • Authenticates Identities and Secures Testing Environments

    ProProctor’s secure platform is built to minimize remote computer system requirements so that it can be accessed by a variety of devices from personal computers to laptops—potentially anywhere with internet connectivity. Its support model, manned by a team of live personal Readiness Agents, is unparalleled in the industry. When test takers login to ProProctor, the system will prompt them through an identity verification procedure and a testing environment inspection. A Prometric Readiness Agent also will be on hand to guide them throughout the authentication process via a live video/audio session. Using the test taker’s computer webcam, the Agent will conduct a live scan of the room and desk area to make sure that it meets security requirements.

    Additionally, the Agent will perform a webcam security inspection of the test taker’s pockets, sleeves, accessories and glasses (where applicable). Another one of ProProctor’s unique security features is its playback capability which can be accessed by the Prometric Security Team during—or following—a test for replay and review. This feature captures the complete audio and video of the test session, including timestamped chat exchanges between test takers and Prometric Proctors, as well as notes the Prometric Proctor may have written on test taker behavior. Test session recordings are retained online for 30 days and are available upon request.   

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  • Monitors the Test-taking Experience to Ensure Its Validity

    ​Once the test is launched, a certified Prometric Proctor will use the webcam to monitor the test taker for the duration of the test. Live, continuous monitoring is in place 100% of the time. Prometric Proctors have full control of the test platform at all times so that they can answer test taker questions or stop a test if a test taker demonstrates suspicious behavior that may be a sign of cheating

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To talk directly to one of our solutions specialists, please call 1-855-855-2241.

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Improved Test Taker Experience

  • Simple three-step user experience
  • Intuitive self-serve check-in process
  • Live Readiness Agents to support test takers
  • Highly trained, live Proctor monitoring
  • Instant feedback for test takers

Enhanced Dashboard Reporting and Analytics

  • Real-time analytics
  • Session video/audio recordings
  • Session anomaly logs

    Advanced Security Measures

    • Multiple identity authentication and facial detection checks
    • 3600 environmental checks
    • Personal security checks
    • Recorded test sessions

      Standard Technical Features

      • Screen Resolution 1024 X 720
      • Operating System Windows 7
      • Web Browser Latest Google Chrome
      • WebCam Resolution 640 X 480p
      • Microphone Enabled
      • Download Speed 500 Kbps
      • Upload Speed 384 Kbps