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Prometric has been actively engaged in identifying and responding to the potential health risks COVID-19 poses to our test takers, staff, and other individuals. Our responses have taken into account numerous perspectives, including governmental policies and information provided by local/global health organizations.

Prometric will begin testing in California in July 2022, where allowed by local jurisdictions and as supported by available testing sites and staff.  Once scheduling begins, if necessary we will reschedule any candidates displaced due to COVID-19 as soon as we can, and appreciate your patience as it may take some time to get all sites operational.

While much about testing will remain the same, Prometric is instituting new safety procedures for all Nurse Aide testing events in response to COVID-19, including special training for our staff, additional cleaning at testing sites, and a new mask requirement for all test takers.  Prometric guidelines require that a candidate must bring and wear a mask (without an exhalation valve) at all times and follow the instruction of the Nurse Aide Evaluator. You will be prohibited from testing if you don’t have a mask. Please be advised that testing sites may also have their own safety guidelines.  Site specific, local and state guidelines may also apply and must be followed.  Site entry restrictions may vary by site and include such things as proof of COVID-19 testing (IFT sites only), temperature checking, sign in logs, etc.  Candidates must also follow any site requests or restrictions to test with Prometric.

For the latest updates regarding COVID-19 in general and best practices for overall health and safety, please visit


Welcome! Prometric LLC. (Prometric) will be administering a Nurse Assistant Competency Exam in California in coordination with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). CDPH works to protect the public's health in the Golden State and helps shape positive health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.  CDPH’s mission is to advance the health and well-being of California's diverse people and communities.

Nurse assistants become certified by successfully completing a CDPH approved Nurse Assistant Training Program, passing the Competency Examination, and obtaining criminal record clearance. The Competency Exam consists of two parts: 1) a Clinical Skills exam (practical portion); and 2) a Written (or oral) exam.

Over the next few months as we are ramping up in California, this page will be continually changing as we add more tools and items.  Such items will include: Important FAQs, Candidate Information Bulletin (providing details on scheduling your exam, exam fees, what you can expect on test day, what to bring on test day, Exam Content Outline and an example of exam)  in addition to the Paper Application and On-line Application link with a helpful User Guide.  These are just a few of the items that will be added onto this page.  

Candidate Information Bulletin

The candidate information bulletin has all of the information you will need regarding certification routes, testing requirements, testing fees, and information on renewing your CNA certification. Review this document before submitting your application.



Application & Other Forms



Testing Accommodations

Prometric provides a variety of accommodations to candidates that qualify under the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). Submit this form with your application to receive accommodations on exam day.


Prepare for the Exam

Below you will find exam preparation materials for your Clinical Skills exam including the exact checklist that will be used by your evaluator.


Training Program and Test Site Resources



CNA Registry Resources