COVID-19 Update:

Due to COVID-19 testing restrictions, fingerprinting will not be available currently at Prometric Test Centers. As of April 15, 2020 fingerprinting for North Dakota Insurance candidates can also be done at the following locations.

1. Schedule your Exam

Allow a three week window to find a seat to exam. If you need a specific exam date, register early.

A) To schedule exam in Test Center locations

To take the complete exam, (both Product and Laws and Regulations), click here.

To RETAKE ONLY 1 SECTION of the Product and Laws and Regulation exams, click here. - Before scheduling for RETAKE exam, please review the chart above to ensure you register for the correct exam

To take any other ND Insurance exam, click here.

B) To schedule for Remote Proctored Locations

North Dakota Insurance and Prometric are pleased to announce the availability of the North Dakota Insurance exams via Remotely Proctored testing using Prometric’s ProProctor™ application.  

You may schedule your exam by calling 1+800-896-2272 between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. EST Saturday and Sunday. At the end of the call, you will receive a confirmation number for your appointment and will receive an email confirmation with instructions. Record and keep this confirmation number for your records as you will need it to launch your exam.

2. Review the Exam Outlines

Prepare for your upcoming test by carefully reading the Exam Outlines which have been prepared to help you successfully pass the test.

Exam Code Title
13-51 Life and Annuity Insurance Part I – Product
13-52 Life and Annuity Insurance Part II - Laws and Regulations
13-53 Accident and Health Insurance Part I – Product
13-54 Accident and Health Insurance Part II - Laws and Regulations
13-56 Property Insurance Part I – Product
13-57 Property Insurance Part II - Laws and Regulations
13-58 Casualty Insurance Part I – Product
Exam Code Title
13-59 Casualty Insurance Part II - Laws and Regulations
13-63 Bail Bonds
13-61 Consumer Credit
13-62 Crop Hail
13-64 Legal Expense
13-65 Personal Lines
13-66 Public Adjuster
  Fingerprinting Administration Fee

3. Fingerprint Service

To schedule your Fingerprinting Appointment, click here.

Fingerprinting Update:

While fingerprinting can still be done at Prometric Test Centers, fingerprinting can also be done at the following locations. If you get fingerprinted at a non-Prometric site, you will be responsible for sending the appropriate payment and fingerprinting card to the state. See Candidate Information Bulletin for more details.

If you want Prometric to scan your fingerprints after you take your exam, you must register for the fingerprinting processing service. You can get fingerprinted after you take your exam, regardless if you pass or fail the exam.

NOTE: All fees are non-refundable.

As long as candidates have an appointment and have paid for the fingerprinting service, they are allowed to take their fingerprints then Prometric will submit them. We don't collect payment directly at the site.

You will need to:

  • complete a Consent Form for your fingerprints
  • provide your fingerprints
  • provide a check for your criminal record check at the time your fingerprints are taken at the test center. The fee is $41.25 ($30 fee to ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation and $11.25 fee to the Federal Bureau of Investigation) made payable to North Dakota Attorney General. Payment can be personal check, cashier’s check or money order. Cash, Credit Card or any other form of payment will NOT be accepted.

The test center will mail the consent form, fingerprints and fee to the North Dakota Insurance Department.


If a candidate is getting their fingerprints done on a day that is different from their test date, the candidate must show their score report to the TCA to prove they took the exam, regardless if they passed or failed.

4. Download the License Information Bulletin

Please download the License Information Bulletin to find more information regarding fees, scheduling policies, scoring information and FAQs.