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Certification exam vouchers provide a more
streamlined way to take an exam, enable users to
eliminate administrative tasks and time constraints.

Exam Vouchers

Save money and eliminate administrative tasks by ordering vouchers on line at Prometric.

Certification exam vouchers enable users to save time by providing a more streamlined, easy way to take an exam. Who uses vouchers? Anyone can order a voucher, but typically they are purchased by training facilities, employers or other organizations that have a need to get a group of people certified.

Some of the benefits of using exam vouchers include:

  • Many programs offer a volume discount when exam vouchers are purchased
  • Vouchers can be ordered, maintained and distributed centrally, minimizing paperwork and purchase transactions
  • Vouchers may be used for immediate test appointment scheduling online, through the contact center, or directly through local test centers
  • Vouchers are available electronically, making them convenient to distribute to employees and students.
  • There are many types of vouchers available for purchase. All can be ordered, purchased and generated through Voucher Express, our fast, secure and flexible online exam voucher ordering system.

Relying on Online Convenience

Prometric’s Voucher Express is a fast, easy and convenient online voucher ordering system. With a Voucher Express account (free to set up), you get the following:
  • Instant order fulfillment
  • Member group discounts
  • Management and distribution of pay-upon-redemption (PUR) voucher types (authorization required)
  • Access to your voucher order history so you can: re-order vouchers, request a re-download, view current voucher status (redeemed or not redeemed), reprint order receipts and export order history

For more information

Contact the Prometric voucher team for further assistance.