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Welcome to Easy Serve Voucher Express Online Account Requirements page. Please review the below characteristics that all Easy Serve Voucher Express accounts must contain. Failure to meet these requirements will result in immediate rejection of your request. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local Voucher Team .

For Test Takers: Prometric sells prepaid vouchers thru Easy Serve Voucher Express exclusively to corporations and academic institutions. Candidates may click here to register for exams without a voucher or have an authorized intuition purchase on their behalf.  

For Test Centers (APTCs): This account is for voucher purchasing purposes only. If you are requesting access to Easy Serve and do not require vouchers, please contact for assistance

Online Account Requirements:

  • Buying contact must be an authorized purchaser on behalf of the company under which the request is submitted.
  • Email must:
    • Be personal corporate email belonging to the contact and company listed (i.e.:
    • Not be impersonal/ department-wide/generic/Gmail/Yahoo/etc….
  • Manage Account Detail (after 1st  log in) must include:
    • Company Name must be fully written out and must not be acronyms.(If  the official name of your facility is an acronym, please notify prior to submittal.)
    • Contact Name must be full first name and last name of the buying contact. Initials and department names are prohibited.
    • Customer type must reflect the type of company being represented.  Customer type “Test Center” refers to  Authorized Prometric Test Center (APTC) only.
    • Customer Name and email must match. (If  the email domain differs, please notify prior to submittal.)
    • All fields are required to be completed in full and wherever applicable.
    • Address must be official and verifiable via  company website. Or recognized by the corporate office. (P.O. Box or personal addresses are not permitted.)
    • VAT field must be complete wherever applicable. VAT numbers may also be known as GST,PVT, MVG, etc….. (This is only used for verification purposes only and not used for any other reason.)
  • For Authorized Prometric Test Center (APTCs) only: Test site code refers to your affiliated site, not the location