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From photo checks to fingerprint capture, ID Management is a secure and fast way to validate the identity of test takers.

Realizing Multiple Benefits

The use of biometrics provides benefits to both testing organizations and test takers. By far, the one overarching benefit is the balance that biometrics maintains between ensuring that legitimate test takers have the honest ability to earn a valued credential while keeping dishonest and disingenuous test takers from compromising the process for all.

Benefits to testing organizations include:

  • Protects value of credentialing program by maintaining the integrity of the testing process
  • Deters proxy testing with a highly visible and measureable system
  • Protects intellectual property from proxy testers, item harvesters and other who set out to expose it
  • Provides an enhanced method of identity verification to validate that the ID or fingertip pattern has not previously been presented under a different name
  • Adaptable to varying international laws
  • Validating identity using biometric measures demonstrates that the person presenting the credential is actually the one who earned it, protecting the value of the credential in the market.

Benefits to test takers include:

  • Makes the overall check-in process faster, more efficient and less stressful
  • Improves overall testing experience by enabling smoother and faster re-entry into the testing room after breaks
  • Helps maintain the integrity and reputation of the exam they are taking
  • Identifies dishonest and disingenuous testers who may compromise the exam for all who take it, saving their hard work and time

What to Expect on Test Day Using Biometric-Enabled Check-in