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From photo checks to fingerprint capture, ID Management is a secure and fast way to validate the identity of test takers.

Knowing What to Expect

ID management-enabled check-in creates a smoother, faster check-in process for test takers. Whether a test taker is testing for the first time or has previously tested at Prometric and completed the initial biometric-check-in, the process will safely and accurately capture personal data. It generally takes three to five minutes for first-time testers to complete the biometric-enabled check-in enrollment process. For returning candidates, the process is even faster since the previously captured information is easily found in the system each time you return to test. A brief, high-level listing of steps that test takers will go through upon arrival at the test center is listed below:

The candidate arrives, signs a roster and presents one or two forms of government-issued photo ID (as dictated by test sponsor).

Once electronic check-in begins, the candidate's ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) information is captured and validated through barcode/magnetic strip scanning or optical character recognition (image scan).

The candidate's photo is extracted from ID.

A digital scan of the candidate’s fingertip is captured and is validated real-time against a secured database of previous Prometric test takers.

  • If the candidate is a first-time test taker, the biometric data are encrypted and secured throughout all points of transmission to a secure storage database.
  • If the candidate is a returning test taker who has already gone through the full capture process, the check against the database will “match up” today’s scan with any previous one.

A candidate’s movement throughout the test center is tracked by the fingertip pattern provided. Candidates will use their fingertip pattern before leaving the room for breaks and when returning from breaks, as well as during check-out to validate they are who they say they are.

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What to Expect on Test Day Using Biometric-Enabled Check-in