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Getting familiar with the look, feel and experience
of a test center in advance of an exam will minimize
pre-test mistakes.


When I take a Test Drive, will I see questions from the actual exam I plan to sit for in the future?

No, you will not see questions from the actual exam. The questions presented to you during the Test Drive session are samples of question types you may encounter on the real examination. These questions are not designed to be representative of the specific types of questions that may be a part of the real examination. Be sure to review the specific instructions and expectations provided by your test sponsor to ensure you are prepared for your actual test day.


Will my Test Drive be scored?

No, your Test Drive session will not be scored, nor will your responses to the Test Drive sample questions affect the real examination. Test Drive is a sample test designed to prepare you for the look and feel of your exam only, as well as the layout and setup of the test center.

Why should I take a Test Drive?

Many candidates say taking a Test Drive helped them feel more confident on their actual exam day. Taking a Test Drive will allow you to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of the computer-based testing environment and minimize pre-test mistakes such as getting lost on the way to the center, failing to arrive with the correct I.D. and paperwork, etc. All in all, we believe that if you take a Test Drive you will be more confident and better prepared for the test experience, allowing you to perform better the day of your test. Imagine how relaxed you would feel if all of your energy and attention on the day of your test could be focused on your actual test -- and  not the process itself.

What will happen during my Test Drive?

The end-to-end Test Drive experience will include check-in, ID confirmation, biometric-enabled check-in, image capture, seating, a tutorial, a sample test, a survey of the experience, an end-of-test report and check-out.
Taking a Test Drive will allow you to confirm that your documentation and materials will be accepted on the day of the actual test. Once checked in, you'll be exposed to the full testing experience described above, in addition to the use of lockers, testing at a computer for 15 minutes and exposure to test center administrator walk-throughs, which occur during any actual test. Additionally, by driving to the testing center in advance, you can familiarize yourself with the parking situation, the location of the testing suite and the time it takes to drive to the center.

Who is eligible to take a Test Drive?

Test Drive is available for most programs. Please check with your testing sponsor to determine whether you can take advantage of a Test Drive appointment.  

Where is Test Drive available?

Test Drive is available at Prometric testing centers across the globe. You can find a Test Drive center location near you, and schedule a Test Drive, by registering today!  

When is Test Drive available?

Test Drive is available anytime the testing center is open, as long as the site has appointment availability.

How long is the Test Drive experience?

A Test Drive will take 30 minutes. This includes the entire end-to-end process, such as check-in and check-out procedures, as well as taking the sample test.

What does a Test Drive cost?

Test Drive costs just  $30 USD for a 30-minute appointment.

How do I register for a Test Drive?

It couldn't be easier! Register online to schedule your Test Drive. You'll be asked to choose the date, time and location of your appointment. You'll then receive an e-mail confirming the details your Test Drive.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can take a Test Drive?

No. You can take a Test Drive as many times as you’d like to familiarize yourself with the testing process.

What if I have a problem registering for a Test Drive?

Should you encounter any problems during the registration process, or you have any additional questions about Test Drive, please contact us.  A Prometric representative will get back to you as quickly as possible.



At the test center you’ll be greeted by a friendly TCA who’ll tell you what to do.