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Testing Accommodation Solutions enable test takers
an equal and fair chance to sit for an exam regardless
of a recognized disability or challenge.


Supported Features

•  Recognition Accuracy
   (turns voice into text with up to 99% accuracy)
•  Recognition Speed
   (displays words on screen 3x faster than typing)
•  System Configuration No
•  Correction Yes*
•  Accuracy tuning No
•  Dictation Box Yes
•  User Interface Yes
•  Help System and Tutorials Limited Functionality
•  Editing and Formatting Text No
•  Command and Control Yes
•  Application Support Web No
•  Application Support Word Processing No
•  Application Support
   (email, spread sheets and presentations)
•  Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Web Search No
•  Dragon Voice Shortcuts for Email and Desktop Search No
•  Text To Speech No
•  Advanced Correction/Edition No
•  Multiple Dictation Sources No
     *During the testing experience, the candidate has just one opportunity to create a profile and train Dragon.