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Testing Accommodation Solutions enable test takers
an equal and fair chance to sit for an exam regardless
of a recognized disability or challenge.

Enlarged Fonts through ZoomText Magnification Feature

  • ✔ Magnification Range              1x – 36x
  • ✔ Magnification Levels               20 Levels (using keyboard commands only)

Please note that other ZoomText features you may use are currently not available:

  • Dual Monitor Support
  • xFont
  • Color Filtering
  • Pointer Enhancements
  • Cursor Enhancements
  • Focus Enhancements
  • Mouse Wheel Zooming
  • Pointer Routing
  • Desktop Finder
  • Web Finder
  • Text Finder
  • Magnified Setup Program



Don’t forget to bring a government-issued ID card to the test center.