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INFORMATION ABOUT THE Qatar Council for HealthCare Practitoners QCHP

Learn more about the list of practitioner tests available and eligibility requirements by visiting the QCHP ( ) or MOPH websites ( )

Emiri decree No.7 was declared in March 2013, which provided for the establishment of the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) as an independent council rather than being a department within the Secretariat of the Ministry of Public Health; and the Sole authority responsible for the regulation of all healthcare practitioners working in both governmental and private healthcare sectors in the state of Qatar.

The council functions through three departments, which work solely and in collaboration on improving healthcare quality and ensuring patient safety. These Departments are:

  1. The Registration Department.
  2. The Accreditation Department.
  3. The Fitness to Practice Department.

The Registration Department Responsibilities include:

  1. Registration and licensing of healthcare practitioners in different specializations which include:
    1. Physicians
    2. Dentists
    3. Pharmacists
    4. Nurses
    5. Allied Healthcare Practitioners
    6. A framework for registration and licensing of Complementary& Alternative    Medicine (CAM) through Healthcare Practitioners Registration & Licensing Department is under development
  2. Issue licenses to practitioners who meet the specified conditions, experiences, and competencies in different specializations.
  3. Verify correctness of academic certificates and practical experience in addition to other documents required for the license.
  4. Issue licenses to practitioners working in the field of medical radiation who meet the specified conditions.
  5. Issue certificates of good standing for practitioners registered in the State of Qatar and transmission of these to the bodies requiring them any place in the world.
  6. Renewal of licenses.
  7. Withdrawal of licenses.
  8. Approve the surgical privileges within the physician's category, so that licensed physicians can apply to obtain privileges for surgical operations.
  9. Develop statistics on manpower in the healthcare sector and provide them to higher authorities upon request.


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