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About the SCE Pre-employment Psychometric Test:

Saudi Council of Engineers, SCE, has introduced a pre-employment test for foreign engineers who intend to gain entry to Saudi Arabia to work in engineering roles. To register for the SCE Pre-employment Psychometric Test with Prometric, Applicants are required to obtain an Eligibility ID through SCE. Once you have been provided this ID by SCE, you may then register for the test via the Schedule My Test button on this site, following the online instructions to choose your preferred location, date and time for your test.

The SCE Pre-employment Psychometric Test is a test of numerical and verbal reasoning, divided into two sections. Each section contains thirty (30) questions. You have a total of 90 minutes to complete both sections of the test.

About Saudi Council of Engineers:

The Statute of Saudi Council of Engineers, SCE, approved by the Royal Decree no. 36/M dated on 26/9/1423 H (1/12/2002), aims to lay down principles and criteria for engineering practice and to develop the engineering profession. The article No (27) of the executive bylaws stated that all engineers working in engineering profession in the Kingdom have to register with the Council. HRH the second deputy minister, minister of Interior ordered to link issuance and renewal of residence permits (known as Iqama) for all foreign engineers working in the kingdom with SCE professional registration. 

Saudi Council of Engineers, SCE has developed a documented Accreditation System setting out policy, criteria and guidelines for the accreditation of engineers practicing the profession in Saudi Arabia. The Accreditation System is to provide formal procedures for review and approval of qualifications and classify engineers in accordance with established quality professional practices.


  1. Evaluating academic qualifications and practical experiences of those who work in the profession.
  2. Maintaining continuous education to develop the engineers' skills and insure pursuance of the most recent developments in their field of specialization.
  3. Securing and applying the best professional practices by the engineers with what attains the protection of society and fulfills its welfare.
  4. Creating professional records for the engineer, which documents his qualifying grade, his professional experiences and progress.

Professional Registration Requirements:

  1. The applicant should hold the appropriate qualification in one of the engineering fields.
  2. Experience in one of the approved profession field of practice.
  3. Fulfilling the necessary requirements for the required professional grade.
  4. Signing the Engineer's Code of Ethics and conforming to the rules and ethics of the profession.
  5. Paying the required fees.

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