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Please review the following updates to the Michigan State Certified Nurse Aide Exam, effective March 01, 2015:

  • Candidates are required to submit the most recent version of the application, posted online at  Any other version of the application will no longer be accepted, and candidates will be delayed in the scheduling process.  A sample copy of the new application and bulletin are posted under this link for your viewing.

  • When submitting a paper application, candidates are no longer responsible for scheduling their own exams by contacting the test site.  Going forward, when candidates send their application and test fee to Prometric, they are now responsible for including their preferred test site. Prometric will schedule candidates on the first available test date at candidate’s preferred location.

  • Beginning March 01, 2015, candidates will now be able to apply for their exam online.  The online application process will speed up the scheduling and processing time.  A valid email address and credit/debit card is required to apply online. 

  • Candidates are no longer required to provide two payments prior to taking the exam.  Prometric has combined and reduced the test fee to $125.00. First-time candidates will now submit both their application and their payment to Prometric.  For more information regarding updated pricing, please refer to the candidate bulletin

  • Both first-time test takers and re-testers who have submitted an application and test fee to Prometric, but have not scheduled their test date will still test under the old pricing until March 01, 2015.  If you do not test prior to that date you will need to contact Prometric at 1-800-752-4724 to have a customer service representative assist you by submitting additional test fees and scheduling your exam date.

Prometric offers two opportunities for Michigan Certified Nurse Aide training programs to become involved in.  Please read below to determine which network may best fit your facility. 

  • In-Facility Testing (IFT). IFT test sites are ideal for training programs that wish to test their students at their own facility. Eligible candidates must have completed training at that facility. Becoming an IFT has numerous benefits:

    • Lower test day anxiety for the candidates because they are testing with familiar people at a familiar location.

    • Candidates are guaranteed to test as close as possible to their training completion date. Students who test closer to their training completion date have a higher pass rate and better chance of performing well on the exam than those who wait longer to test.   

    • White glove service. The IFT site works with a Prometric Test Administration Team to request test dates. The facility selects a date with Prometric and Prometric sends the Nurse Aide Evaluator (NAE) to the site to administer the exam.

    • Bulk application submission and roster notification. The IFT will submit all of the candidate applications together for a specific test day. This ensures all students are scheduled for the correct date at the same time. The roster notification is sent to the test site confirming applications have been processed and scheduled accordingly.

    • MORE CONTROL. You know when your students are testing and how they performed.

If you are interested in becoming an In-Facility Testing site please click on this link, and a Prometric representative will reach out as soon as possible.  

  • Regional Test Center (RTC).

  • Prometric is seeking to recruit RTCs in various areas throughout the state of Michigan. 

    • RTCs are set up with a separate clinical space for the clinical skills exam. The room will contain all of the necessary supplies needed to deliver the exam. A listing of those supplies is listed on the website at The sites require a separate room for computers with an Internet connection. There is a minimum number of four computers needed.

    • RTCs are reimbursed on a per test basis.

If you are interested in becoming a Regional Test Center please click on this link, and a Prometric representative will reach out as soon as possible. 

As previously stated, beginning March 01, 2015, candidates will be able to apply online. The online application process will speed up the scheduling and processing time for candidates who use this application. Applicants must be able to pay with a credit/debit card and have a valid email address to apply online. Training programs choosing to become an IFT site will also be able to use the online application for submitting their student applications. Training programs that are not also an IFT can still have their students use the online application.