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Exciting Changes coming July 1, 2015

Prometric will be introducing some exciting changes to the Nurse Aide Certification exam beginning July 1, 2015.

Candidates will now be able to take the written exam on the computer via Prometric’s Internet Based Testing (IBT) system, used to administer over 130,000 nurse aide exams annually, at Prometric approved testing locations. Paper and pencil exams will still be available at sites not equipped for IBT for an extended period of time, with a long-term goal of converting all sites to IBT.

How does IBT enhance the candidate’s testing experience?

  • IBT allows the candidate to view each item one at a time on the screen.

  • Candidates can mark items for review and easily change answers prior to exam completion.

  • Candidates can navigate forward and backward in the exam to easily review all items.

  • The timer on screen lets the candidates know exactly how much time they have remaining.

  • IBT eliminates the need to mail test packets allowing for immediate scoring and candidates will receive score reports on site.

  • Placement on the registry will take place 24-48 hours from exam completion for candidates passing both exams.

With the introduction of IBT, Prometric has reduced the fees for the certification exam.  The new fee structure is shown below:

  • $85 first time tester, including eligibility screening

  • $20 to retest the written exam

  • $55 to retest the clinical exam

Prometric offers two opportunities for Arkansas Certified Nurse Aide training programs interested in becoming involved in testing.  Please read below to determine which option may best fit your facility.  Note:  existing test sites will be contacted directly by Prometric staff.

  1. In-Facility Testing (IFT). IFT test sites are ideal for training programs that wish to test their students at their own facility. Eligible candidates must have completed training at that facility. Becoming an IFT has numerous benefits:
    • Lower test day anxiety for the candidates because they are testing with familiar people at a familiar location.

    • Candidates can test as close as possible to their training completion date. Students who test closer to their training completion date have a higher pass rate and better chance of performing well on the exam than those who wait longer to test.   

    • The IFT site works closely with the Prometric Test Event Scheduling Team to request test dates. The facility selects a date in collaboration with Prometric and Prometric sends the Clinical Skills Observer (CSO) to the site to administer the exams.

    • Bulk application submission and roster notification: The IFT will submit all of the candidate applications together for a specific test day. This ensures all students are scheduled for the correct date at the same time. The roster notification is sent to the test site confirming applications have been processed and scheduled accordingly.

    • MORE CONTROL. You know when your students are testing and how they performed.

    If you are interested in becoming an In-Facility Testing site – either IBT or paper/pencil - please click on this link, and a Prometric representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.  

  2. Regional Test Center (RTC).  Prometric is seeking to recruit RTCs for IBT testing in various areas throughout the state of Arkansas.
    • RTCs are set up with a separate clinical space for the clinical skills exam. The room will contain all of the necessary supplies needed to deliver the exam. A listing of those supplies is listed on the website at The sites require a separate room for computers with an Internet connection. There is a minimum number of four computers needed.

    • RTCs are reimbursed on a per test basis. 

    • If you are interested in becoming a Regional Test Center please click on this link, and a Prometric representative will reach out as soon as possible. 

There are no immediate plans to modify either the application process for candidates or the content of the Nurse Aide Certification exams.

Stay tuned for an invite to a web demonstration of IBT that will allow you to describe the process and its benefits to your candidates prior to testing.