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Prometric Group Appointments for NMLS tests

Prometric offers you the option of bulk registration for mortgage companies with more than five candidates to schedule - simply upload a spread sheet containing your candidates' information and let us take care of their scheduling for you.

If you have arrived at this page for individual registration, please follow this link

  • When you have five or more candidates to schedule, Prometric has a team ready to assist you with your group (bulk) scheduling requirements.
  • Make sure you have all the candidate's required information (see spreadsheet example below), complete the web form and attach your spreadsheet and then submit for processing.
  • Our team will respond to your request within three business days. Please do not complete any payment information when submitting requests for NMLS tests; payment must be submitted to NMLS prior to contacting Prometric.

Please note: Due to heavy testing volumes, we cannot guarantee your requested times or dates, but we will work with you to find suitable alternatives if necessary.

To begin the bulk registration process, please complete the NMLS bulk registration form with candidate information as shown below.

Sample Bulk Registration Form 

Be sure to include the following information:

  • All candidates names,
  • eligibility numbers
  • Date and time (AM/PM) you would like them tested
  • The city which you would like them tested in
  • Which exams they are taking (state or federal)

Bulk registration sheets are available in the following formats:

In order to submit your bulk registration sheet to Prometric, you will need to complete the bulk registration form. When finished with the form, please attach your completed bulk registration sheet by selecting the browse button at the bottom of the form. You may access the bulk registration form by clicking here.

On receipt of your bulk registration form and attached spread sheet we will do our best to schedule your appointments as requested. For the best date and time options, please submit your request at least 7-30 business days prior to the preferred test date. It will take approximately 3 business days to respond to your requests.
If you have questions you may send us an email by clicking here.

* To schedule any NMLS test with Prometric, you must first enroll and process payment with NMLS for each test.
** If complications are experienced at the testing center, a formal case must be opened with the NMLS Call Center for resolution. Prometric is not able to offer any retests without the approval of the NMLS.


The most prestigious testing organizations in the world choose Prometric.