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The implementation of biometric-enabled check-in system is based on a country's specific biometrics laws. Below is important information for you to read in advance of taking the MCM exam, explaining the biometrics consent status for the countries which offer the MCM Exams. Please read the consent form based on the country in which you will be taking the exam. Where indicated, you will sign the same form at the point of checking in for your exam.


United States, India, Malaysia

There are no laws in these countries regarding biometrics; please read the Candidate Biometric General Notice Form.



This country requires that an informed consent form be signed at the testing center. Please read the attached Candidate Bio Explicit Informed Consent Form, and be prepared to sign the form at the testing center when you check in. This form will be stored at Prometric Headquarters.


Japan, United Kingdom, Western AustraliA

MCM exam candidates in these countries are not required to sign a consent form, but are provided and asked to read this Candidate Bio Notice of Implied Consent Form in advance of taking the exam at the test center.


Canada and South Africa

These countries do not permit the collection of fingerprints for biometric enabled check-in. If candidates take their MCM exam(s) at test centers in these countries, fingerprints will not be taken. Please read the Candidate Biometric Not Permitted Form for details.

If a candidate is a resident of a country that does not permit the collection of fingerprints for biometrics-enabled check-in, but takes an MCM exam at a testing center in a country that does, fingerprints will be collected.


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