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Only those candidates who have received a confirmation of eligibility from HRPA to write the exam will be permitted to schedule an exam appointment time. For eligibility requirements visit HRPA’ website.


If you wish to reschedule/change your exam date, time or location within the same testing window, you must do so within 2 calendar days of your exam appointment time using the reschedule/cancel option on this website or by contacting Prometric’s automated voice response system at: 800-369-6268 (in North America) or by contacting Prometric’s Regional Registration centre (outside of North America); the Web is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no charge for changing an appointment if the change is made within 29 calendar days prior to your exam appointment.  However, a Canadian $50.00 fee will be charged to you if you reschedule your exam date, time or location less than 29 calendar days from the scheduled appointment. If you wait until you are within 2 calendar days of your exam appointment time you will forfeit your exam fee. You will be required to pay HRPA to re-register for the exam.

Cancellations and Withdrawals

You can cancel and withdraw from the exam completely and receive a refund of your exam fees, minus a $50.00 admin fee. All requests for cancellations and withdrawals must be made to HRPA directly. Consult HRPA’s Withdrawal Policy on the HRPA website. Requests to withdraw from the exam must be made within 29 calendar days of your scheduled appointment.  In certain extenuating circumstances (such as illness or bereavement) the withdrawal fee may be waived at HRPA’s discretion.  Supporting documentation must be submitted along with a withdrawal form. All requests for cancellation and withdrawal from the exam, must be made directly with HRPA and not Prometric.

By cancelling and withdrawing from the exam, you do not intend to take the test during the 2 week long testing window.  If you wish to take the test in the future you will be required to register and make payment to HRPA. Consult the HRPA for Important Dates for Designation Requirements and testing windows in 2017.

Important Information about HRPA

HRPA Designations – learn more by visiting the HRPA’s website
Designation Requirements and Timetable
CHRP Designation – learn more information about the CHRP designation
CHRL Designation – lean more information about the CHRL designation
CHRE Designation – learn more information about the CHRE designation
CKE 1 and CKE 2 Examinations – learn more information about CKE 1, CKE 2 exams
CHRP and CHRL Employment Law Examinations – learn more about CHRP/CHRL Employment Law Exams


Don’t forget to print out your confirmation!