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Prometric - Food Safety
Food Safety - HACCP

HACCP Certification Exam

Developed by in-house industrial psychologists, in conjunction with food safety SMEs from industry, Prometric’s latest Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certification Exam provides businesses with a reliable way to measure the level of employee knowledge and skills on HACCP principles in food handling, manufacturing, processing, packing, storing and consuming to better safeguard the public and maintain safe levels of operation prior, during and after inspections.

What Knowledge Does the Prometric HACCP Exam Assess?
  • Foundations of HACCP
  • Hazards, Critical Control Points, Critical Limits
  • Monitoring Procedures and Corrective Actions
  • Verification Procedures and Record-Keeping

How do Test Candidates Take the Exam?
  • Computerized testing at a Prometric Test Center with an on-site Prometric proctor
  • Remote, internet-based testing at any location with web access and monitored by an online proctor, delivered through Prometric’s ProProctor™ solution
  • (coming soon) Internet-based testing at a location outside a Prometric Test Center with an approved, on-site Prometric proctor

What Benefits Does the HACCP Certification Exam Offer?
  • Certifies that food safety professionals meet measurable food safety HACCP competencies.
  • Allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to food safety and obtain documented third-party proof of their HACCP programs.
  • Supports compliance with regulatory requirements and lessens the chance for failed inspections.
  • Assures food professionals have the key knowledge and skills to perform their jobs.
  • Better safeguards the public and business from the negative consequences of food incidents.

Learn More and Schedule

For pricing and additional information email us or call 1-800-624-2736.

If you are ready to test at a Prometric Test Center or at a different location with an approved, on-site Prometric proctor, schedule your exam now.

If you would like to take your exam using remote internet-based testing, monitored by an online Prometric proctor, call 1-800-813-6779 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday, to check systems requirements and to schedule. Please have your Visa or MasterCard information available.

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