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Food Safety Training

Compliance Policies

Please read this communication to the end.

This message will provide you with information about compliance measures in place surrounding proctor behavior, required paperwork and operations within the program.

Prometric's CPFM program adheres to standards set out by the Conference for Food Protection. We rely heavily on our proctors to maintain compliance with these standards, as well as those defined in the Prometric Food Safety Proctor Policy and Procedures Manual. Compliance with these standards helps to protect the content of the exams and creates a fair and meaningful test experience for all candidates.

Prometric continues to work with the Conference for Food Protection and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide a structure to the program that promotes these standards. As a result, we must identify and remove from our proctor rosters any proctor that puts our compliance to the standards at risk by failing to meet the requirements and responsibilities to which they agreed by signing the (NDA) non-disclosure agreement during the proctor application process.

Number 1:

To remind our proctors of the regulations to which proctors must adhere, we will require you to sign, electronically, an NDA every three years.

Every three years, you can expect to receive an e-mail notification from Prometric advising you of the requirement to re-sign the NDA. Please follow carefully the directions provided in the e-mail you receive.

Number 2:

Every exam booklet will be stamped with a date by which that booklet must be received by Prometric. This includes both used and unused booklets. (Please click here for a copy of the "Important Notice" included in every exam order.)

Number 3:

Every exam administration that is returned for scoring will be audited for 100% operational compliance BEFORE the exams will be scored.

If any of the required paperwork is missing it will be considered a proctor infraction and will be recorded accordingly. Prometric will allow each proctor only three infractions before the privilege of being a Prometric proctor is invalidated permanently.

All the required items that need to be returned with every exam administration for the exams to be scored are listed in the Proctor Acknowledgement Form. You are required to read and sign the Proctor Acknowledgement Form and submit it with every paper based exam test administration. The Proctor Acknowledgement Form lists all items you need to return with your shipment to avoid any infractions. If an infraction occurs, meaning that a proctor has returned an exam administration without all of the required materials and paperwork, that proctor will be notified by e-mail. The e-mail will clearly state whether the infraction is the proctor's first or second. If the infraction is the third and final for the proctor, the proctor will be notified by e-mail of his/her termination.

In addition to not returning all required paperwork, there exist other violations that will count as infractions. Listed below are other behaviors that may lead to infractions:

  1. The proctor fails to send every used or unused exam booklet to Prometric by the "received by" date now stamped on every booklet.
  2. The proctor fails to alternate or "stagger" exam booklets between candidates when two forms are available. Whenever an English or Spanish class is proctored there must be an equal number of each form submitted for scoring, or, if there was an odd number of candidates, one more of one form than the other. (i.e., If 10 candidates test you would return five of one color form and five of the other. If 13 candidates test you would return six of one color form and seven of the other color form.)
  3. The proctor fails to send exams by a traceable means within 24 hours of when the exam administration ended. It is required that the exam package be at the courier (i.e.,UPS/FedEx/etc.) within 24 hours of the completion of the administration. A "traceable means" is defined as the exam return package having a tracking number applied to and associated with the package Prometric receives from the courier.
  4. The proctor fails to include a signed copy of the Proctor Acknowledgement Form, as well as any additional required paperwork, with the exam administration returned for scoring.

Any exams submitted that violate a proctor procedure or policy will not be scored and fees will not be refunded. It will be the responsibility of the proctor to contact the candidates, administer another exam and submit additional fees.

Number 4:

If a proctor commits a security violation, Prometric will launch an internal investigation into the suspected violation. Should Prometric find that a security violation has occurred, the proctor will be notified that his/ her proctor responsibilities have been terminated and the proctor will be listed as "inactive" in our system. No further exam administrations will be allowed. Listed below are examples, though not exhaustive, of security violations:

Security Violations

  1. A proctor, for any reason, cannot account for an exam booklet (used or unused) after the stamped "received by" date on each exam booklet.
  2. Contents of an exam return package are missing (according to what is listed on the proctor acknowledgement form).
  3. Exam booklets are returned with missing pages.
  4. Returned exam booklets or score sheets are copies, and not the originals.
  5. An unannounced observation of a test administration identifies security violations during the exam administration.
  6. Irregular scores and or irregular passing results.

Number 5:

Purchase Orders will no longer be accepted except by school districts, universities, military branches or health departments. All of the above organizations must submit an order of a minimum of 10 exams to use a purchase order. All purchase orders must be paid within 30 days (net 30). Any organization who has not paid within 30 days and who maintains an outstanding balance past 30 days will immediately be prohibited from submitting payment by purchase order.

Number 6:

Clients will only be able to place orders for a minimum of 10 vouchers. No orders for less than 10 vouchers will be processed. In addition, all vouchers will now expire within three months of the issue date. (For example, vouchers purchased 1/25/2016 will expire 4/25/2016)

Number 7:

All CPFM exams, regardless of how they are delivered, will now include a short survey at the end. These survey questions are intended to gather feedback from the candidates. They will not be scored and are not included in the two hour time frame provided to take the exam.

Prometric appreciates your business and the commitment you show in helping us to deliver secure, accurate and fair exams for all candidates. You are providing the first line of defense in protecting the general public in our schools, universities, hospitals, military institutions, government offices, hotels, restaurants and many other places from health and safety dangers.

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