1. A company needs to digitally sign all of the data sent to its customers. What should the administrator use to digitally sign the data?

(A) Asymmetric Keys
(B) Standard Keys
(C) Symmetric Keys
(D) Quantitative Keys


2. What standard does a Certificate Authority (CA) use to create a certificate?

(A) X.509
(B) X.802
(C) X.423
(D) X.129


3. The concept of comparing the best practices and performance metrics of other companies with similar processes is known as

(A) Benchmarking
(B) Gap Analysis
(C) Baselining
(D) Quantifying


4. If an intrusion detection system wanted to only monitor web traffic, what would the rules filter on?

(A) IP Address
(B) Port
(C) User Name
(D) Destination Name


5. What security technique can be used to identify malicious HTTPS (Secure Hyper Text Transport Protocol) tunnels?

(A) Detection inspection
(B) Context inspection
(C) Plain HTTP inspection
(D) SSL inspection



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