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This checklist is a summary of the most frequent issues that create complications for examinees on the day of testing. The Department of Testing Services (DTS) encourages you to read the entire DAT Guide and to call the DTS at 800.232.2162 with any questions.

  1. I am bringing two original, current (not expired) forms of identification (ID) to the testing center:
    • One government issued ID, with my photograph and signature (e.g. driver license or passport)
    • One ID with my signature (e.g. social security card, credit card, debit card, library card
  2. The name on my application matches my IDs exactly. I will contact the DTS if there is any possibility of a mismatch. Examples:
    • Matching names: Joseph Anthony Smith and Joseph Anthony Smith or Joseph Anthony Smith and Joseph A. Smith
    • Non-matching names: J. Anthony Smith and Joseph A. Smith or Joseph Anthony Smith and Joseph Anthony Smith-Johnson
  3. I will follow the instructions of the test administrator and the rules of the testing center.
  4. I have left all non-essential items at home.
  5. I will store any personal items, such as cell phone, food, candy, beverages, pens, pencils, lip balm, wallets, keys, jackets, etc. in the assigned locker at the testing center. I understand that I may not access these items during testing or an unscheduled break.
  6. I will double check my pockets to ensure they are empty before I sign in to test.
  7. I know what to do if I encounter a problem at the Test Center. If I experience a problem with testing conditions, I must notify the test administrator immediately. I understand that concerns not resolved at the testing center must be submitted in writing (via facsimile 312.587.4105) within five business days of my testing appointment to the Coordinator, Client Support Services.
  8. I have made arrangements for my ride or to notify my family or friends after I complete my test and have signed out of the test center. I will not use my cell phone or other electronic devices in the test center or during my testing session.

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