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Top Computer Based Testing Inquiries Answered for SOA Exam Candidates
·         Verify that the name you registered with for the exam is written the same way on your ID.
o    No nicknames. (i.e. if your name is Joseph, type in “Joseph” and not “Joe”.)
o    If you go by another name, still register with your first and last legal name. (i.e. if your name is Jane Sue Smith, but you go by
     Sue, still put “Jane” as your first name.)
o    If the name on your ID is written in your cultural language (i.e. Wei Wei Wang), but you’re also known by another name (i.e.
     William Wang), still register with the name written on your ID.William Wang), still register with the name written on your ID.
o    If your name has legally changed between the time you registered for your exam, and the date of your exam (such as getting
     married), make sure your ID has been updated and send the name change information to SOA Customer Service Center as soon
     as possible. SOA is unable to guarantee that any updates can be made to the name within 72 hours of a scheduled exam. No
     photocopies of identification or of name change documentation will be accepted at the testing center.
o    Including your middle name is optional, and not required.
·        If you do not receive your Letter of Confirmation email from the SOA after five business days from registration, contact Customer Service immediately.
·        When scheduling an exam, if your last name has less than four characters, hit the space bar enough times to make it four characters.
·         Look for available seats at Prometric testing centers within a 100 mile radius of your location.
·         If you do not receive a confirmation email from Prometric within 24 hours after scheduling an appointment, contact Prometric.*
·        If there are no available seats in your region, keep checking the Prometric website as seating is fluid and a spot may open up. Only contact SOA when there are a few days left before the start of the exam window.
·        If you wish to reschedule your exam, the quickest and easiest way is to do it online, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Go to the Prometric site and use the reschedule function. Rescheduling may result in a fee paid directly to Prometric. For further assistance, contact the Prometric Customer Service Center.
Candidates may only reschedule an appointment within the same testing window. For example, if you are registered for exam P in January, you must reschedule an appointment within the January testing window. You will not be able to reschedule for the next exam P administration in a different month.
Cancellation/Reschedule Period
Reschedule 30 or more days before appointment date
Reschedule 2-29 days before appointment date
Cancellation or Failing to appear at appointment on time
Forfeiture of exam fee
No correction can be made once the 48 hour window has passed, and we are unable to provide authorization to reschedule within 48 hours of appointment date.
·        Appointment Duration vs. Exam Time – The appointment duration includes the time for you to review a pre-exam tutorial as
       well as a brief post-exam survey, in addition to the exam time. The exam time varies by exam and that information can be
       found on the first paragraph of the specific exam’s syllabus.
CBT Exam Appointment Duration
Pre-exam Tutorial
12 minutes
Exam Time
Varies by exam. It can be found on the first paragraph of the specific exam’s syllabus.
Post-exam Survey
15 minutes
The preliminary test result will appear after the post-exam survey.
A diagnostic representation is provided if the result shows you were unsuccessful in achieving the passing score.
·        You must use the pencils, erasers, and scratch paper provided at the testing center – you cannot bring your own. If you need more than what is normally given, ask the test administrator. Used scratch paper must be turned in to the TCF.

·        CBT Language Options

English is the only language option outside of Canada.
Candidates taking their exam in Canada will have English or French language options.
    • If English is selected the entire testing experience is in the English language.
    • If French is selected, the candidate sees a split screen (English on the left-hand side/French on the right-hand side). The tutorial and the final Score Report are entirely in French. The examination portion is completely in English with the navigation ability to select a French translation of the exam question.
·        Dress comfortable for the exam. As test room temperatures and personal comfort zones vary, it is recommended that you bring a sweater or jacket to the sessions.
·         Complaints – What to do during and/or after the exam:
  • It is highly suggested to document technical issues with your testing center by speaking immediately with a TCF Staff working at that testing center.
·        If you have any questions regarding any doubts or concerns, contact Customer Service at within a reasonable time before your exam date.
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Rev. Mar '18