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Looking for a thorough, compliant, flexible and affordable nurse aide competency evaluation program for your state? Prometric offers comprehensive testing and Registry services to ensure that your CNAs are in compliance with all required federal and state-specific regulations.

We have been involved in nurse aide competency examinations since the inception of the federal requirements more than 25 years ago. Prometric currently provides CNA examination services in 12 states, administering more than 150,000 CNA examinations annually. Our service offerings provide for convenient exam administrations and are based on successful regional test site and in-facility testing models.

The testing and certification process we offer is conducted in accordance with OBRA requirements (OBRA-87, 89, P.L. 100-203; and Section 6901 [B] OBRA 89).

CNA Certification Exams - Widely recognized and accepted

  • Prometric’s CNA tests are based on a recently-completed job analysis that focused specifically on the role of the nurse aide in long term care facilities. We utilized SMEs from around the country to analyze job task and knowledge data collected from practicing CNAs and RNs/LPNs who supervise CNAs in long-term care facilities. SMEs always utilize the OBRA federal regulations as a primary reference in the development of nurse aide test items.
  • Written and oral versions of the knowledge exams (available in English and Spanish) are delivered via computer in a multiple-choice format.
  • Prometric’s Clinical Skills exam is a performance-based exam in which the candidate is rated and scored on five areas while performing three psychomotor skills, with special emphasis on Hand Washing and Indirect Care (communication, resident rights, safety, comfort and Standard Precautions). The Clinical Skills exams are administered by RNs with experience in long-term care.

Nurse Aide Registry Services

  • Prometric’s Nurse Aide Registry is used to maintain critical data about CNAs and their certification status. The “private” side of the Registry is used by Prometric and client staff to manage recertification and findings. The “public” side of the Registry provides information to facilities on the employability of each nurse aide in the registry based on the current status of their certification and whether the record is flagged for substantiated findings of resident abuse, neglect or misappropriation of resident possessions.
  • Prometric’s Nurse Aide Registry system is Web-based and accessible via the Internet from any computer.

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