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Welcome to the IFIA Petroleum Inspector Certification Programme!

Please click here for scheduling of candidates in the US and Canada. Please continue for all other regions:

IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies) operates a Petroleum Inspector Certification Programme for cargo inspectors working in the petroleum industry. This examination forms part of the certification process.

Examination places can only be booked by companies which are members of IFIA, or which have registered to submit candidates for examination. More information on this process can be found on the IFIA website ( by clicking on the Inspector Certification button. Individuals are not able to register to take this examination.

A branch booking code, candidate/Inspector number and voucher number (issued by IFIA) is required in order to book an examination place. If you have not been issued with these numbers, please go to to submit the required forms.

Please note this examination is for inspectors working in Africa, Asia, Europe,Central and South America and Caribbean only.


When you have successfully submitted your application for certification form(s), you will receive a copy of the IFIA candidate booking form, with inspector and branch details pre-filled.

Completing the IFIA Candidate Booking Form

Please ensure that all mandatory fields (marked with an *) are completed before emailing the form to our registration centre. The columns headed “Exam” contain a drop-down menu from which you can select the appropriate examination.

You must enter a test centre code and preferred test dates on the form. To find the test centre code please click the Locate a Test Centre button below and select the test centre where you would like to schedule candidates. Once you have found the preferred test centre please make a note of the test centre code and enter it into the Test Centre Code field on the form.

Test dates must be within the examination month shown for your country/region on the IFIA website.

Submitting the IFIA Candidate Booking Form

Once you’ve checked and completed the IFIA Booking Form send it to for processing. You will receive email confirmation of the appointments within 48 to 72 hours from submission.

The regional contact centre will contact you if they have any queries regarding the request.

As the team schedule your appointments an individual email confirmation letter will be sent for each candidate you have entered on the form to the branch email address you provide. Please note the email confirmation letters contain some information which does not apply to IFIA examination bookings. You should refer only to the appointment and test centre details on the confirmation email.

Rescheduling Appointments

To reschedule an appointment you will need to call one of our regional contact centres, quoting the Prometric Order confirmation number/Document number, at least 5 days before the appointment date. For example if the appointment is scheduled on a Wednesday, you would need to contact us by the previous Friday to reschedule. If you reschedule within 5 days of the appointment you will need to purchase a new voucher code to schedule the new appointment. Please contact with your request.

Please click on the ‘Contact Numbers’ link, listed under related links on the left of this page, to see a list of regional contact centre numbers.


If any of the following problems occur:
  • 1.  You have submitted an IFIA Candidate Booking Form and have not received a reply from within 72 hours (Monday to Friday)
  • 2.  You have not received a reply to an email query sent to within 72 hours (Monday to Friday)
  • 3.  There is a problem at a test centre on the day of the examination.

Please contact us at or call us 24 hours, Mon – Fri, on US: 1 800 853 6769 or International: +1 443 751 4853.

Please do not use the contact details above for the IFIA Candidate Booking Form or for requests to reschedule examinations - these should be sent to

Enquiries regarding application for certification forms, examination schedules, examination results and invoicing must be sent to


NOTE: If using Internet Explorer (IE) 11, please switch to compatiblity mode before clicking the Locate a Test Center button above or use Firefox or Chrome as your internet browser.


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