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 Facility Requirements

The testing environment must:

  • be professional in appearance, free from distractions and comfortable
  • have a secure, lockable testing area
  • be easily accessible to the public
  • provide access to people with disabilities, in compliance with local laws and regulations
  • conform to the test center layout developed & approved by Prometric
  • be exclusively available to Prometric for use throughout the year
  • must provide availability throughout the week, weekend and evenings

Provide the following functional areas:

  • Testing Room (dedicated to Prometric testing)
    • Provide direct line of site for administrator
    • Provide desks that are 48”w x 30”d
    • Utilize privacy panels to enhance test integrity
    • Ergonomic chairs
    • Secure area for storage of testing materials
  • Proctor Room (dedicated to Prometric testing)
    • Provide test administrator observation window to be used for monitoring candidates during testing
    • Administration PC
    • Printer
    • Fax Machine
    • Paper Shredder
    • Telephone
    • Digital Recording Equipment
    • Image & Fingerprint Capturing Equipment
  • Server Room (dedicated to Prometric testing)
    • Secure closet to store server and other hardware equipment
  • Waiting Room
    • Sufficient space for candidates
    • Permits access to lockers for candidates to securely store belongings
    • Provide access to restrooms
  • Staff
    • Two staff members are required during testing events.
    • 1 proctor during administrations, 1 additional person are required as needed (i.e. lunch, bathroom breaks).
    • All staff members must go through Prometric’s training program and obtain certification by passing an exam.

Technology Requirements

To be provided by Prometric if approved:

  • Hardware and video equipment (includes computers & monitoring equipment)
  • Proprietary software for test delivery and communication

To be provided by Partner if approved:

  • Dedicated DSL or cable modem
  • File server (dedicated analog phone line)
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Cabling and electrical system resources for testing equipment
  • Secure, locked file server closet located in proctor room to only be accessed by certified administrators and technicians

Owners responsibility

  • Owners are responsible for ensuring that all security procedures are strictly followed and that all technology requirements are met. Owners are held accountable for and are responsible for the actions and behaviors of any staff members.
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Prometric test center administrators are friendly and skilled.