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Prometric’s infrastructure is global and robust, and supports the delivery of an average of 10 million
exams each year.

Global Network Strength

The Prometric network is global and robust, and supports the delivery of an average of 9 million exams each year and the development of millions of test items. Our infrastructure is comprised of multiple networks, all​ working together seamlessly to provide a smooth test experience for clients and test takers. It can support exam delivery in any format, including computerized, internet-based or traditional paper and pencil, anywhere in the world. And while our strong networks power our capabilities, the breadth of our locations is what enables us to execute them so well on behalf of our clients.

We operate a secure network of thousands of test centers in more than 160 countries and have more than 15 global corporate offices scattered throughout the world. The solid foundation that supports this global network of technology, location and capability is people. There are thousands of employees, from our back office operations to the front desk at our test centers, who are all working tirelessly to make sure that a test program measures accurately, that it is delivered reliably and that test takers have a positive, welcoming and friendly experience at the test center.