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Equal Employment Opportunities

We provide a workplace that offers equal employment opportunities

We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities (EEO) for all persons regardless of:

  • Race,
  • Color,
  • Religion,
  • Gender,
  • Age,
  • Marital status,
  • Sexual orientation,
  • National origin,
  • Citizenship status,
  • Disability,
  • Veteran status, or
  • Any other group protected by applicable federal, state or local laws

This policy extends to all terms and conditions of employment, including, but not limited to, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfers, leave of absence, compensation and training. We comply with applicable laws governing nondiscrimination in every location in which we have facilities.

Prometric makes every effort to reasonably accommodate individuals with a disability in order to provide employment opportunities for them. Furthermore, it is the Company’s commitment not to discriminate in any manner against qualified individuals with disabilities with regard to all terms and conditions of employment. Employees who believe they have a disability that may require a reasonable accommodation in order to perform the essential functions of their position should contact their manager or the Human Resources department.

Testing accommodations are subject to a different standard. Please check with the Legal Department on any accommodation issues related to candidates.

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Q: I am planning to promote one of two employees. One is a man, and the other is a woman who has been talking in the office from time to time about her plans to eventually start a family. Can I promote the man if I think the woman is likely to have children soon and might leave the company?

A: No, this would be a violation of our policy. In the United States, for example, a promotion based on these facts would also violate applicable EEO laws.




Discrimination and Harassment

Work place discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated.

Employees need to know that they work in a safe and respectful environment where high value is put on equity, fairness and dignity. Prometric has zero tolerance for harassment. Harassment generally means offensive verbal or physical conduct that singles out a person to the detriment or objection of that person. Harassment covers a wide range of conduct, from direct requests of a sexual nature, to insults, offensive jokes or slurs, and which results in hostile work environment.

No employee or nonemployee may harass another employee, candidate, client, vendor, supplier, visitor or any other person on Company premises or while doing Company business regardless of location. Harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status and any other group protected by law and sexual harassment is prohibited by the Company. In addition, conduct that does not violate the law but that is inappropriate is also prohibited.

Reports of harassment will be promptly and thoroughly investigated in as confidential a manner as possible. We will take immediate and appropriate action if harassment is determined to have occurred. Reprisals or retribution against an employee who lodges a complaint will not be tolerated. Reports of harassment should be made to your manager, your Human Resources department, or through the Prometric hotline.

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Q: I usually meet one of our suppliers every few months to discuss our upcoming requirements. One salesperson in particular regularly jokes around a lot and often tells me how sexy he thinks that I look. I don’t welcome these comments. Can I do anything about this?

A: This may be a form of sexual harassment, which includes unwelcome sexual advances. Sexual harassment can come from customers and suppliers as well as fellow employees. This sort of conduct can create a hostile or intimidating environment. If you feel comfortable doing so, you should tell the salesperson that you find his conduct to be offensive. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, or if he fails to listen to you, you should report his conduct to your manager or your Human Resources department or use the Prometric hotline.

Q: Does this policy on discrimination and harassment apply outside of the United States? In the country in which I work, we have different standards.

A: Yes, All Prometric employees throughout the world should have a work environment in which they are shown respect by their colleagues.

Safe Working Conditions

We are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees.

We all have the right to work in an environment that is safe and healthy. In this regard, we must:

  • Comply strictly with the letter and spirit of applicable occupational, health and safety laws and the public policies they represent,
  • Follow work instructions or procedures on health and safety laws, regulations and risk management, and
  • Be sure our work environment is safe.

In addition, we must not:

  • Threaten or injure other people during Company time or on Company property, or
  • Possess or use weapons or firearms or any type of combustible materials in Company facilities or at Prometric-sponsored functions unless you are authorized by Prometric or the law to do so.

Prometric has zero tolerance for acts of violence, threats of violence, acts of intimidation and hostility towards another person or group of persons. Promptly report to your manager or Human Resources department any accident, injury or unsafe equipment, practices or conditions, violent behavior or weapons possession.

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Q: What are some examples of prohibited conduct?

A: Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to, hitting or shoving; threatening harm to an individual or an individual’s family, friend or associate; damaging or threatening to damage an individual’s property such that reasonable fear for one’s safety is created; stalking, following or acting with the intent of creating fear in another person; possession of any weapon, firearm, bomb or explosive or the use of any other instrument to threaten violence or cause harm.

Drugs and Alcohol

Don’t use illegal drugs, misuse alcohol or abuse prescription drugs while conducting Company business.

Alcohol and drugs can impair your ability to work effectively and can endanger you and those around you. Prometric prohibits the possession, use, sale or distribution of illegal drugs, including nonprescription controlled substances, while conducting Company business on or off Company premises. Employees should also not report for duty with levels of alcohol in their system that could impair job performance.

These types of activity are grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination. As involvement with certain drugs is illegal, you may also be subject to arrest and prosecution by law enforcement agencies. Where allowable by law, Prometric reserves the right to take appropriate steps to investigate compliance, including pre-employment screening and random testing by qualified medical professionals, where there is a reasonable suspicion of a violation.

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Q: Is there somewhere I can go for help or counseling related to alcohol or drugs?

A: If you are experiencing a difficult personal problem, such as alcoholism or drug abuse (or even something unrelated – such as marital or family distress), we encourage you to use the Employee Assistance Program or LifeWorks, which offers services independently of the Company. Any information that you may share with them is confidential. If you are located in a country that does not have an Employee Assistance Program or LifeWorks, you should feel free to contact your Human Resources representative for information about similar services that may be available in your location.