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The Prometric Commitment

Dear Prometric Colleague,

Prometric Inc. maintains the highest ethical standards in conducting company affairs and in our relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, advisors and the communities in which our operations are located. The purpose of this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is to affirm our strong commitment to the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct in our business practices. This Code provides you with an understanding of the conduct and standards of behavior expected of all of us as Prometric employees.

This Code applies to all officers, directors and employees of Prometric and its subsidiaries – no matter where you work. We also expect that those with whom we do business will adhere to the standards set for in this Code. Please take the time to review this Code carefully – both at this time, and periodically throughout your employment with Prometric. The Code does not anticipate every ethical decision that you may face as a Prometric employee. So if you have any questions, please ask for guidance.

Your dedication to the principles embodied in this document will ensure that we all continue to enjoy a reputation for personal integrity, ethics and professional excellence.


Charles Kernan




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