Paul Forrester Image

Paul Forrester is Prometric’s SVP of Test Development Services. He has more than two decades of assessment industry experience providing executive leadership in the development and execution of technology, product and operational strategies that support the attainment of strategic growth objectives of our clients’ programs.  Under his guidance, Prometric’s test development and test publishing experts work collaboratively with clients throughout the entire test development lifecycle to create, maintain and present test content that supports valid, fair and reliable assessment administration across delivery modalities.  His team also performs psychometric review and evaluation of program and item bank performance.  He leverages his experience in software development and product management strategies to advise and enhance the technology roadmap for the assessment development and management components of the Prometric Assessment System.

Mr. Forrester has a master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on information technology management from the University of Baltimore. He received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland.