Policies and Procedures

Identification Requirements

Please present one form of government-issued identification bearing both a photograph and a signature. The name on this identification must match the name on your confirmation letter. Contact the Institutes at 1-800-644-2101 at least three days prior to your appointment if you have any questions about proper identification.

Personal and Prohibited Items

Food and drink, jackets and hats, study materials, notes, dictionaries, and any form of electronic device, with the exception of an acceptable calculator are expressly prohibited. Students requiring a medical or dietary supplement, such as those for a diabetic, that will be taken to a Prometric Testing Center must submit the request to The Institutes for prior approval by Prometric, at least one month before the anticipated testing date. Send a full explanation of your needs to assessments@TheInstitutes.org. A PDA or cell phone cannot be used in place of an acceptable calculator. Lockers are available at Prometric Testing Centers for storing personal items. Do not bring anything to a Prometric Testing Center that you hesitate to place in a locker. Prometric Testing Centers reserve the right to ask examinees to turn out their pockets and to use a metal detector wand.

Prometric is not responsible for any personal items.

Use of a Calculator

Based on the content of their study materials, examinees should determine for themselves whether they need a calculator during an examination. Calculator instructions cannot be brought into the testing room.

Examinees sitting for a CAS 1 or CAS 2 exam are restricted to use only the following Texas Instrument calculators:
• BA-35
• TI 30Xa
• BAII Plus
• TI-30X II (IIS solar or battery)
• BA IIO Plus professional
• TI-30X MultiView (or XB battery)

For other Institutes exams, use of any solar- or battery-powered calculator that does not have alphabetic keys for typing words and that does not contain paper tape is permitted during an exam. Business/financial calculators—including those that are programmable—meeting these criteria are permitted.

A PDA or cell phone is not an acceptable calculator. Prometric will provide a basic calculator if requested. Call The Institutes at (800) 644-2101 if you encounter a problem concerning use of an acceptable calculator.

Scratch Paper

Four (4) pieces of scratch paper will be provided to you upon admittance to the testing room. Please count this paper when handed to you by the Test Center Administrator. All scratch paper must be returned at the end of your exam.

Restroom Breaks

Restroom breaks are permitted, however the time on your exam will continue to count down. You will be asked to sign the logbook upon exiting and re-entering the testing room. You will be asked to show your identification prior to re-entering the testing room.

Appointment Length vs. Exam Time

For Institutes' exams, appointments include time for you to review a pre-exam tutorial. The time for the tutorial, as well as a brief post-exam survey, is in addition to the two or three hour exam time.


Institutes' objective exams are usually scored by computer at the testing center. In addition, you will receive an e-mail within two weeks of your exam session informing you that an official grade report is available on The Institutes' web site. Responses to essay exam questions are returned to the Institutes for grading by subject matter experts. You will receive an e-mail when grading is complete and your grade report is available. Exceptions to the above do occur when the format of an exam changes or when substantial changes have been made to the content within a course. See The Institutes' web site for a listing of the courses for which grading is delayed.

Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

If you wish to change your exam date or time, or cancel your appointment, you must do so at least two full business days prior to your appointment by calling 1-877-311-2525. Prometric's Automated Voice Response System is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to AICPCU-IIA policy, all cancellations and transfers must be made at least three business days before your scheduled appointment or all fees will be forfeited. To cancel your registration, first cancel any appointment, and then call the Institutes at 800-644-2101.

Beginning January 2012 the AICPC reschedule cancel/policy states:

1. There will be no charge to cancel/reschedule exam 13 or more business days before your scheduled test date.

2. For reschedules between 3 and 12 business days before your scheduled test there is a $50 fee. There will be no fee for cancelations during this time.

3. Examinees will not be permitted to cancel or reschedule an appointment for monetary or future registration credit if done within three days of the scheduled test date. The full test fee will be retained and the examinee will receive no financial credit.

4. If an examinee fails to appear for a scheduled test or presents himself/herself more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time for taking the test and is refused admission because of the lateness, the examinee will not be permitted to cancel or reschedule the appointment. The full test fee will be retained and the examinee will receive no financial credit.

5. Beginning October 2016, Prometric will be enforcing enhanced security protocals. Click to view.