Preparing for the exam-day experience can sometimes be just as important as preparing for the actual content of your exam. To help examinees with testing anxiety, or simply those who are curious to experience the exam-day process in advance, BPS is now offering a Test Drive in advance of your actual exam.

A Test Drive allows you the opportunity to take a 30-minute demo of the exam-day experience, whether you schedule in-person to take the exam at a testing center or via live remote proctoring (LRP is only available in USA, Canada, and Australia). This Test Drive is made available to you, the examinee, solely for the purpose of gaining experience of how the actual test is delivered. Please note that the Test Drive does not contain active questions from any or all BPS specialties live examinations and instead presents a handful of examination items that are representative across specialties.  The Test Drive is not intended to serve as a self-assessment and no score is given upon completion.

Once you are eligible to sit for a BPS exam, you are also eligible to schedule a Test Drive in advance of your actual exam. The Test Drive exam costs $50.00 and there is no other requirement to participate. Other non-paid options to gain familiarity with the BPS examination question style can be found HERE on the BPS website.


If you are already registered for a BPS exam, you can schedule a Test Drive exam by choosing from the options to the left of this page.

Note: you will need an active BPS ID to schedule.


To register for a BPS certification or recertification exam, please visit the MyBPS portal located HERE.

To schedule your BPS certification or recertification exam, go HERE.