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MyItemWriterTM is the first in a family of automated workflow innovations being developed by Prometric to help test publishers bring their programs to market better, faster and at less cost.

By utilizing cloud computing technology, MyItemWriter enables your community of content experts to expand around the world. Your subject matter experts can engage in item writing anywhere, at any time. Write, review, annotate, approve and even add photos to items using an intuitive mobile interface that streamlines the test development process. As a test sponsor organization, you will find that MyItemWriter makes the item development and review process more efficient with a standard, automated workflow. You’ll also find that it:

  • Makes it easier to write, edit, review and approve items with your experts across multiple locations and time zones

  • Reduces test development time to market, making the item development process more cost efficient

  • Enhances your ability to recruit talented and highly motivated experts

And your content experts will benefit, too, by realizing how much:

  • Time they will save when writing and submitting items for review

  • Convenience they will experience in the authoring process with anytime, anywhere access not constrained by the need for an Internet connection

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MyItemWriter is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to create, edit, review and securely upload test items into an item bank. Learn more by reading the FAQ's, by calling toll-free 1-866-968-7837 or by emailing

  • Item creation and item review across platforms in the cloud environment

  • Compatible with all operating systems

  • Works with both PCs and mobile devices

  • Intuitive user interface with simple downloading for a superior user experience and easy, instant access to item development/review workflow automation

  • Complete control and quick access to on-screen keyboard as well as custom shortcut key combinations to common functions

  • Secure upload of items to a web-based item reviewer for collective consideration

  • Advanced encryption to ensure that transmitted data are not compromised, regardless of the connection

  • No prerequisite requirements needed to begin writing items

MyItemWriter™ Platforms

Microsoft Windows

Available to download from the Prometric website
Click Here to download


Available to download from the Google Play Store
Click Here to download



Available to download for Apple iPad
Click Here to download

Windows 8

Available to download from the Windows8 App Store
Click Here to download

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Prometric's NEW Item Authoring Tool will save you time & money when developing exam content